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All I Want For Christmas…

…is a Spymonkey Christmas prezzie!

What The Dickens?!

Created by Spymonkey with illustrator and former children’s laureate Chris Riddell, this is a card game to warm the cockles of your heart! Fun for all the family, and featuring favourite characters from Charles Dickens’ best-loved story.

The rules are based on the English card-game favourite ‘Old Maid’.

Each pack contains 49 lovingly illustrated playing cards, 70mm x 120mm, in a presentation box.

A note from Mr Charles Dickens himself:

To the Esteemed Peruser of My Magnificent What The Dickens Card Game,

Bless my jiggit, you’re in for such a treat!

I invented this game as a suckling babe, dandled ‘pon the knee of my mother. In those days we’d often find ourselves in the dead of night with the bailiffs a-knocking at the front door. Oh Lor’, what a commotion! My father at the window, whispering ‘Now children, who can play at mousey?!’ as he passed my mother the lesser Dickens progeny, and bundling the whole family into a waiting hackney carriage. We would slip away, as silent as a trout in a brown study, into the city night. In those halcyon days we would watch the streets of London slide by and fade until, our eyes bleary but our hearts soaring, those streets became the hop-scented lanes of Kent! Oh, we would play till we could do away with the oil-lamp and see by the glow in the east alone!

Little did I know that the characters of that game would, many years later, inspire me to write what would become my best-loved novel! The Cratchitt Family! The 3 Spirits of Christmas! Ebeneezer Scrooge & Jacob Marley! And a supporting cast of cheeky cockernay characters, lovingly rendered by that clever caricaturist Chris Riddell.

You will not be disappointed!


For 3 to 6 players, ages 5 and up.

All proceeds from sales go to help sustain Spymonkey’s creative and educational work.

Originally created in conjunction with Spymonkey’s Christmas Carol, a co-production with Liverpool Playhouse 2018.


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