Collaborations / Big Bang Siegfried

This week Aitor and Toby are in Helsinki to adapt the show they created with opera singers Petri and Jouni Bäckström and pianist/composer Jukka Nykkenen, ‘The Fabulous Bäckström Brothers’. April 17th sees the show presented in symphonic version with full 60-piece orchestra, at Theater Hagen, near Düsselsdorf in Germany, details on our calendar event here.

It will be very exciting to see the opera clown show, conceived as a very tidy 3-hander for smaller spaces, scaled up to the Theater Hagen stage, with their orchestra performing ‘The God Particle’ – a modernist opera-within-an-opera about nuclear physics – as well as the sections of Wagner’s Siegfried performed on a grand scale. Orchestral arrangements have been written by Finnish composer Jonne Valtonen, a leading composer for gaming soundtracks including Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros., The Elder Scrolls, The Legend of Zelda and Castlevania. He is very, very good.

More about ‘The Fabulous Bäckström Brothers’ show on their pages here: