Complete Deaths / Chicago Shakes

We’ve had such a joyous time in Chicago it is tough to say goodbye. Big fat sell-out audiences who laughed, cried and got the work, a great theatre, some excellent new friends, and some spectacular weather.

Well done everyone – a great end to a great year!

Here’s a round-up of reviews and blogs.

“Life-affirmative with a macabre twist. Very clever… Rings with cynical complexity.” Chicago Tribune

“Tasting your mortality was never such fun” Stage & Cinema

“Killing it!” The Fourth Walsh

“Silly, clever, slapstick, vulgar and hysterically funny. Highly recommended” Around The Town Chicago

“Hilarious and bloody… Moments of great absurdity, moments of great profundity, often at the same time” DaDaPalooza

“Dazzling set pieces. Extraordinary phyiscal performers.” City Desk 400

“The body count is high and hilarious at Chicago Shakes.” 3rd Coast Review

“High-quality ridiculousness.” Chicago Reader

“The energetic four member company have a field day with all the jests and jokes, hilarity and high camp hoopla presented at breakneck speed.” Chicago Theatre Review