General / COVID-19 Emergency Physical Comedy Aid Package

COVID-19 Emergency Physical Comedy Aid Package

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, in order to try to keep your global peckers up, we are releasing free online versions of our shows to the world over the next weeks. We hope these will be of help in cheering you up and boosting your immune systems!

You might like to know that most of our shows including STIFF, MOBY DICK, CHRISTMAS CAROL, COOPED, OEDIPUSSY and THE COMPLETE DEATHS are available all year round through our online shop. 100% of the income from these go towards supporting future touring and educational work. So even if you miss the free versions, you don’t need to miss out on the health-giving powers of watching laugh-out-loud rip-snortingly funny Spymonkey physical comedy, lovingly rendered in HD.

As of 11th May we’ve already brought lockdown relief to 5000 households! We’re listed in the Guardian’s ‘Hottest Front Room Seats – Best Theatre to Watch Online’, which is rather nice.

Freeview Schedule

Sun 28th June – Spymonkey’s Love In (2011) Love in, love out, love is ALL ABOUT! Our blissed out cabaret, presented by the International Love In Organisation, with inspirational guest appearances from Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc and fire-blowing, pole-dancing nudist soldiers of god. ★★★★ “Impressive, stylish, ridiculous” The Times


You need a Vimeo account to make the freeview code free!

Vimeo is a bit user-unfriendly in this regard, and it may look as if you are about to be charged to watch the video. Once you are logged in as a user (you’ll need to create a new account if you don’t have one yet) the freeview code will kick in and you will be credited with a free rental.

Alternatively, you could always just pay to rent or purchase! 100% of the income from our Vimeo channel goes towards supporting our future touring and educational work. All our shows are listed on our online shop as DVD and Vimeo download and rentals.

All our shows, even when they are not free to veiw, are still available via our Vimeo-on-demand service. All income from our videos goes towards supporting our work and giving us a fighting chance of coming out of the COVID-sh!te still alive.