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Annabel Arndt, lecturer in arts administration

The Marketing workshop was extremely useful and very well carried out.  It enabled us to understand the principles of marketing applied to a real show and company and understand the processes which have to be gone through to perfect a marketing strategy for a specific show.  It was helpful to see the Producer and Managing Artistic Director discussing together how decisions are made and who does what when.  Hearing about how promotional images were chosen from an idea to the completed product was interesting and useful. I am grateful to Spymonkey for sharing their expertise.



Jemma Blythe, actor

@_JemmaBlythe "I was at the Devising Process session today. It was brilliant, really useful advice, and I laughed all the way through!I"



Gav Cross, storyteller/teacher

The marketing workshop was fabulous! Really helpful and inspiring!



Eva Collins Alonso, lighting designer on Marketing

It's all SUPER helpful! - Loved your tip on pitching your audience: "you watched this, so you may also like..."



Calum Johnston, performer Brisbane Australia

It has been such a pleasure to join these workshops (even though I have to stay up till 2 in the morning, well worth it!). I have learnt so much and have made the realization that I have a lot more to learn to further my craft, so when the pandemic settles down I would love to save up and join the classes in person. The amount of love, wisdom, passion and tenderness that Toby, Aitor, Petra and Emily have shown in the workshops is so inspiring and I can't wait to put all this knowledge into practice.



Martin Jakeman, Historical Huzzahs on Collaborating

It was fantastic to hear the differences between collaborating during the company's early year and the process that happens now. As a young professional it is always really beneficial to hear established professionals talking of thier experiences and giving advice.



Guy Hargreaves, performer/writer on The Business #1

Very informative (and a surprisingly enjoyable) session. The tone was light and fun but delivered with great clarity. The number of participants was perfect (i didn’t feel daunted to ask a stupid question because there were a HUNDRED Zoomers on a Webinar). Through Emily and Toby’s clear and direct teaching I was able to see that thinking about what exactly you want to spend your money on will focus your creative energies (and imaginings) in a helpful way.



Eva Collins Alonso, lighting designer on Budgets #1

The session was great: it's good to think about the budget as an evolving thing that we need to edit and make notes as we go along. I won't forget this!



Jenny Rowe, The Maydays    on The Business #1

Thanks very much for today. You broke it down simply and succinctly and, whilst an excel spreadsheet doesn’t usually inspire my creativity, I am a tiny bit excited to start calculating my project costs now. It was a great refresher, but I definitely learnt lots too.



Martin Jakeman, Historical Huzzahs on Marketing

I learnt so much and made a crazy amount of notes! As someone who lives with Dyslexia I always find reading and creating large amounts of formal writing daunting and can be overwhelming. The way you explained and presented the marketing session made it so accessible. It really was a great tool for young professionals. A mahoosive thank you again!



Charee Monroy, clown, Brooklyn USA on The Garage

Working with Toby and Aitor was an amazing joy, and I'm really so grateful that Spymonkey found a way to connect with the community over Zoom to offer these workshops. I can't stress how much I learned in the relatively short amount of time we all had together.



Ella Golt, clown & storyteller

Writing to say, I really enjoyed our marketing, poster and flyer design session, very fun and informative, Thank you.

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