Collaborations / Petra at the Globe

Petra is currently on loan to Shakespeare’s Globe in London playing Mistress Overdone in Dominic Dromgoole’s production of ‘Measure for Measure’, his last before he gives up his artistic directorship of the Globe.

She is also appearing as Leader of the Furies, Cilissa and Chorus in Adele Thomson’s production of Oresteia which is in preview before its premiere later this week on Thursday 3rd Sept.

Globe site:

reviews of Measure for Measure:

‘A production that gives us light as well as shade…Dromgoole’s production really sings’
Time Out

‘Rich, messy and human… Mariah Gale gives a performance of delicacy and force as Isabella…  As the Duke, Dominic Rowan milks the comedy from the scenes where his character is disguised as a friar, but he also brings a moral intricacy to the role’
The Stage

‘Irrepressively lively… manages to make instantaneous shifts between uproarious bawdy and theatre-hushing seriousness’
The Independent

‘Dominic Dromgoole’s staging finds more broad comedy in this dark, troubling play than you might expect’
Financial Times

‘Dominic Dromgoole shows all his experience in his final production in the Globe’s outdoor space… Mariah Gale is an outstanding Isabella’
The Sunday Times

‘The beautiful eloquence of the verse, and heartfelt nature of the acting, send unseasonal shivers down the spine’
The Daily Telegraph

‘Shakespeare without a safety net… It’s noisy, it’s earthy, it’s unruly… Here’s a corking good time, clear enough to make the play count, with a quite astonishing feat of acting at its heart’