Complete Deaths / Rehearsals for Complete Deaths

Rehearsals for Complete Deaths

We start the first phase of rehearsals for our new touring The Complete Deaths on Monday!

Very excited to be in the same room again, beating the living crap out of each other! Blood baths, maggots, poison dripped in ears, princes jumping off towers, asps.

We will be working as company-in-residence at University of the Arts, Central St Martins, giving a chance for students on the MA Dramatic Writing course a chance to observe and respond to our work.

To the sodden, bloody clumps of gore that are still just about identifiable as Aitor, Petra, Toby and Stephan, and the scattered viscera of director Tim Crouch, we welcome assistant director Lucy Skilsbeck and videographer/production assistant Sam Bailey.

We’ll be updating these pages with pictures and video clips over the coming weeks, so watch this space for updates and full body count.

More information about the show on our Complete Deaths page