Complete Deaths / Spring 2016 tour dates announced

SPYMONKEY NEWS > 10 Feb 2016
Dear friends,
We thought you should be the first to know.

We’ve just announced our spring tour dates for The Complete Deaths. Zowee!!!
Things are hotting up: We spent a week together in Brighton in January working on set pieces, music and dance numbers with the very wonderful choreographers Theo Clinkard and Janine Fletcher. We are so looking forward to showing off our Martha Graham and Pina Bausch moves. And our asps are to die for.

More details about the show (and more photos by the excellent John Hunter of Ruler, who did the one above) on our website:
5th – 7th May Previews
tickets now on sale
11th – 15th May World Premiere
Tickets on sale end Feb
17th – 18th May
Tickets on sale soon
20th – 21st May
Tickets on sale soon
30th May – 1st June
Tickets on sale soon
6th – 8th June
Tickets on sale soon
9th – 11th June
Tickets now on sale
13th – 15th June
Tickets on sale soon
16th – 17th June
Tickets on sale soon

A Spymonkey co-production with Brighton Festival and Royal & Derngate Northampton

There are 74 onstage deaths in the works of William Shakespeare – 75 if you count the black ill-favoured fly killed in Titus Andronicus.

They range from the Roman suicides in Julius Caesar to the death fall of Prince Arthur in King John; from the carnage at the end of Hamlet to snakes in a basket in Antony & Cleopatra; from Pyramus and Thisbe to young Macduff. There are countless stabbings, plenty of severed heads, some poisonings, two mobbings and a smothering. Enorbarbus just sits in a ditch and dies from grief. And then there’s the pie that Titus serves the Queen of the Goths.

Spymonkey will perform them all – sometimes lingeringly, sometimes messily, sometimes movingly, sometimes musically, always hysterically. The four ‘seriously, outrageously, cleverly funny clowns’ (Time Magazine) will scale the peaks of sublime poetry, and plumb the depths of darkest depravity. It may even be the death of them.

Directed by Tim Crouch (I, Malvolio, An Oak Tree, Adler & Gibb) and designed by Spymonkey regular Lucy Bradridge, THE COMPLETE DEATHS will be a solemn, sombre and sublimely funny tribute to the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Performed by Spymonkey: Aitor Basauri, Stephan Kreiss, Petra Massey & Toby Park
Adapted and directed by Tim Crouch
Designed by Lucy Bradridge
Lighting design by Phil Supple
Original music by Toby Park
Choreography by Theo Clinkard & Janine Fletcher
Video design by Sam Bailey
Assistant Director Lucy Skilbeck
Voice Coach Nia Lynn
Production Manager Mat Ort
Stage Manager Andy McCabe
Produced by Emily Coleman
Press & PR Shelley Bennett for YETI PR
Studio Photography John Hunter for RULER
Illustrations Chris Riddell

It is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Developed at The Other Place at the RSC, and supported by the MA Dramatic Writing Lab at Drama Centre London at Central Saint Martins.
For anyone in that neck of the woods, we are holding a series of workshops in March in the USA.

LA CLOWN MASTERCLASS  @ The Clown School / Inner-City Arts

29th Feb – 4th March / 10.30 – 5.30


6th – 10th March / 9.30 – 4.30

(There is apparently a very cheap deal on accommodation for anyone who can make it to the Honolulu week, email Suzen on the contact page above for details.)

LAS VEGAS – Creating a Clown Act @ Vegas Theater Hub

Stay safe, stay free,
Toby Park
Managing Artistic Director, Spymonkey
The Old Market, Upper Market St, Hove BN3 1AS UK