Workshops / Spymonkey back in the USA

Aitor is looking forward to returning to Celebration Barn Theater in Maine. He will be leading a series of online Garage of Broken Stupid Ideas sessions from March-May and then returning to teach two courses in person in June.

Garage of Broken Stupid Ideas – 14 March – 9 May 2022

5 bi-weekly sessions. Bring your comedy ideas to Spymonkey’s garage so they can help you take a good look under the bonnet! 

Spymonkey’s creating clown material – 26 June –  2 July 2022

Open your creative toolbox! Learn to develop the seed of an idea by applying advanced techniques for comic writing, character development, dramatic structure, musicality, and physicality.

Spymonkey’s Bouffon: Dare to Mock – 3 July – 9 July 2022

Heighten your sense of play in this grotesque, forbidden, and dangerous world in which the Bouffon lives to provoke the audience without losing their love.

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