Workshops / Bouffon: Dare to mock

Aug 25 to Aug 31, 2024
All day event

Cost $1500

A love of the grotesque, the forbidden, bad taste, irony, parody, and all things deformed: These are the toys and tools of the Bouffon, the outcast who lives to provoke the audience without losing their love.

In contrast to the Clown, the Bouffon dares to mock the audience while simultaneously staying alive—a balancing act that requires supreme sensitivity and intelligence. The stakes could not be higher: If they lose the love of the audience, the Bouffon will be killed!

In this workshop, you will play games and exercises that will help you discover where your own personal Bouffon lives—a place of danger and daring.

Please note that this workshop invites you, through playful performance, to critique power in its many forms. You should be willing to dive into and embody material that may be considered difficult, as the workshop aims to bring historically marginalized voices and bodies, as well as subjects considered to be taboo or risqué, to the forefront.


Workshop with standard double-occupancy room with early bird discount: $900

The early bird discount (10%) expires on April 2.

Workshop with single-occupancy room: $1,500

There is no early bird discount for single-occupancy rooms.

Note: A $400 deposit is required when you register for a double occupancy room. A $750 deposit is required for a single occupancy room. The remainder of your balance will be due upon your arrival at Celebration Barn.

Course Leaders

Aitor Basauri

Joint Artistic Director & Performer

Founder, co-creator and performer of all Spymonkey shows to date. Performed in The Servant of Two Masters at Sheffield Crucible (1996), Axomate at the Seville Expo (1992), Eulenspiegel (1991) and in Karl’s Kuhne Gassenchau’s Grand Paradis and Stau in Zurich (1997 and 1998). Director of Little Prince for Donkey Productions (1997), Un Vento Impetuoso for La Canoppia (1996) and Meci Y Me Fui for Pez Enraya ( 1997). In 1999 he appeared in Circus Knie, the Swiss State Circus, and in 2000 formed his own company Punto Fijo, based in Bilbao. Appeared in Cirque Images’ 2003 series Solstrom for Bravo Cable Network. Appeared in Bertold Brecht’s Senor Carrera’s Rifles at the Young Vic, directed by Paul Hunter (2007).

Directing credits include: ‘Lily & Marlene’ for La Dinamica (Spain 2015); ’Looking for Duende’ for Teatro Entre Escombros (Spain 2015); ’Hondycops’ for Squadra Sua (Czech Republic 2015); ’Ferucchio Peru is Extraordinaire’ for Leebo Luby (UK 2015); Manifest Destiny (New York 2015); Fabulous Bäckström Brothers (Finland 2014); Entre Escobros ‘600 Teatro’ (Spain 2014); ‘Gloriator’ for Skipstick Productions (London 2013); ‘NMIIDP’ Simone Riccio, (London 2013); ‘Herr Ist Immer Der Natur’ for Die Drei Auf Den Baum (Berlin 2012); ‘Discombobulated’ for Publick Transport (Bristol & UK tour, 2011); ‘Ramshackadelicious’ (Bristol 2011); ‘Shake’ for The Last Baguette (Switzerland 2010). Director of physical comedy for Chichester Festival Theatre’s ‘Mack & Mabel’ (2015) starring Michael Ball. Co-director of Orpheus in the Underworld at Vienna Volksoper operahouse which opens in 2023.

Aitor is an acclaimed teacher of clown, regularly holding Spymonkey masterclasses in London, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles and around the world, and for the Clown Doctors organisation in Germany, Austria and France.